HappyBaby HappyMelts & Organic Puffs Win MACT Excellence Award

| September 20, 2010

What we parents ultimately desire for when we purchase packaged baby food is a chemical-free, hormone free, hormone disruptor-free, wholesome, nutritious meal to conveniently offer our babies. All that, and of course we want our babies to eat the food too. HappyBaby™ has a line of premium organic baby foods, meals and finger foods (such as melts and puffs) that have all passed “the test”.

Now don’t get me wrong, some baby food bought in a store can be delicious and down right nutritious, but not all of them. And, wouldn’t it be great to know what you were getting into before you purchased some of these meals? Well, today we have an extensive, yet quite simple layout of HappyBaby™ food’s organic line of baby food. Tested by real babies with reviews and feedback from real mamas. Not only that, but in this review we bring you answers to questions that every parent should ask about baby food, packaged food and puffs.

Nutritional Questions Answered by HappyBaby™

We got great feedback from our mom testers with HappyBaby’s organic baby food! If you’ve been following our blog, you know we like to really dissect the products we recommend to our readers. So, we went the extra mile to find out some important details on the nutritional content of Happy Baby too. Enjoy our Q and A below and maybe ponder the same questions for all packaged baby food you offer your loved ones:

Below is our Q and A with HappyBaby™:

1. Is the nutritional information that is on your packaging the nutritional content that is available in the food after cooking them or before?
The nutritional information listed is always “as prepared”, so after cooking.

2. You offer 2 ways to heat your frozen foods, microwave and oven. Is the nutritional content the same after cooking in the microwave as it is in the oven for all of these products?
There are only slight differences in the heating method when preparing these, so long as you follow the instructions. The differences usually occur when the heat treatments are “overdone”, as certain components react more negatively to microwave treatment than to direct heating.

Do you have tests for this?
We do not. We rely on the scientific literature, which is full of nutritional content testing from conventional and non-conventional heating methods. We label our products for the “as prepared” method. Again, so long as the product is prepared according to directions, you will realize the nutritional panel as presented.

3. Are your probiotic finger treats/puffs good for kids too?
Absolutely. While we have designed and formulated them to be easy for toddlers to hold and safely consume, they are equally nutritious and healthy for kids (or adults) of any age.

Do they have enough probiotics for children, or just very young ones? As you may know, there isn’t a standard for dosing Probiotics for any group of individuals or for any age range. The Probiotics we include are those that we have worked cooperatively with Dr. Sears to identify as being safely consumed, and most able to withstand the digestive acids and be transmitted to the gut, where they express their biologically active role in the gut of developing infants and toddler. We are focused on providing the most nutritional viability and health benefits without presenting any risks. That said, these Probiotics are suitable for any healthy individual of any age, so long as your physician hasn’t contraindicated them in your (or your infant/toddler’s) diet.

4. You have great green foods in some of your puffs! Does the nutrition from kale and spinach last once it is altered from the whole food to a dried powder or is the nutritional value coming from added vitamins? Please expand on this for us as parents.
Great question, and glad to hear you recognize the nutritional benefits of these two important greens. The mineral content of spinach and kale remain completely biologically available in our dried product (as compared to the fresh, whole greens), which is used as an ingredient in the Greens puffs. We use a proprietary preparation and drying technique to maximize the availability of the other nutritional components, such as water-soluble vitamins and antioxidants, however, some of these are very fragile and easy damaged, and so we supplement those back in to ensure we are providing the most completely nutrition profile.

5. What are usually in conventional puffs and why are yours different/a safer alternative?
To begin, the ingredients in our Puffed products are all organic, with extremely high standards for quality. Secondly, as your comments suggests, we have a very clean, “minimum” label without adding anything not required for their production. Finally, we do not add artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, or packaging antioxidants to artificially extend the shelf life.

Conventional puffs covers a range of what is called “gun puffed” product. Typically, gums, emulsifiers, and stabilizers are used to essentially maximize the puff size, and stabilize it’s shape, taste, texture, and color during puffing and cooling, as the addition of artificial flavours and colors can cause the puff to be unstable, or have off tastes, textures, and shapes.

While these additives are Important for the process of making a conventional puff, they are not always nutritionally advantageous, and even more so when it comes to the regulated artificial colors and flavors.

Finally, because of the oxidative properties of conventional puffs, the packaging is commonly lined with artificial antioxidants such as BHA and BHT to prevent and extend oxidative rancidity. These are non-nutritious, and no one I know consider them “healthy”. We do not use any of these methods for preservation of our organic puffs.

Winner Of MACT Excellence Award: HappyMelts & Organic Puffs

Unanimously, all of our baby testers loved most all of the products they tried from Happy Baby. The products that totally stole the show however were the Organic Puffs and the Happy Melts, so these two products have been awarded our prestigious MACT Excellence Award.

As you have read above, the nutritional value of these puffs and melts are superbly high quality. Also, the packaging used for these products are BPA-free! That’s right. Conscious snacks from packaging to finished product! This is very important to us and we are certain it is a high concern for aware parents nationwide.

BPA is a known hormone disruptor and many foods are packaged in this toxin that leeches into the foods our babies and children eat. BPA hides in the lining of canned foods, plastic bottles and containers, and even under the lids of baby food glass jars! It’s comforting to know that our little angel’s endocrine systems are safe with Happy Baby™.

About HappyBaby’s Happy Melts Organic Yogurt Snacks:

HAPPY MELTS are an organic dried yogurt snack for babies and toddlers free of soy, wheat and gluten. The ingredients (mango) are organic and all-natural: Vitamin D fortified culture pasteurized organic nonfat milk, organic banana, organic evaporated cane juice, organic mango, organic tapioca, pectin, organic locust bean gum, inulin, natural flavor, live and active cultures streptococcus thermophilus, bulgaricus, lactobacillus acidophilus, B. lactis, lactobacillus paracasei, lactobacillus rhamnosus

We love the wide variety of pre and probiotics in this snack! And my 4 year old daughter is hooked on this healthy and convenient snack, even Daddy loves them.

About HappyBaby’s Organic Puffs Finger Food for Babies:

HAPPY PUFFS are made with whole grains and come in three organic flavors to give baby variety and build growing palettes. Supplemented with vitamins and minerals, these Puffs also come in green packaging! We love the getting in the greens with the green puffs!

Happy Baby™can be purchased at major Retailers and Natural Food Markets near you or online at Happy Baby’s shop. The Happy Melts retail at $ 3.49 and Organic Puffs at $3.39.

HappyBaby™ Reviewed by Real Moms and Real Babies

Our 3 Baby Testers Tried HappyBaby™ Products:

Tanya with son of 11 months:

Our mom tester Tanya had this to say about her experience with HappyBaby™ Organic Baby Food: “My son, at 11 months old, had the pleasure of enjoying some of the foods made from Happy Baby. He recently tried Happy Melts (the organic yogurt snacks), Happy Bellies (the organic baby cereal) and the organic puffs and he most definitely seemed to enjoy them all.

The Dr. Sears recommended organic freeze dried yogurt and fruit snacks known as Happy Melts are a wonderful snack to serve to young children. First off I love that they are an organic dairy product that is free of growth hormones and pesticides. They are an excellent source of protein, calcium, vitamin D and they are great for the baby’s digestive health. What more could a parent ask for? Well, I guess you could ask for a great variety of flavors, which they have! My son tried the mixed berry, strawberry and banana flavored Happy Melts and he loved them. After he ate his entire snack he actually grunted at me and pointed to the bag for more. My son has never acted that way about food before. And my favorite part about this snack is that it comes in a small, resalable bag which is perfect for when you’re on the go.

For breakfast the past couple of weeks my son has enjoyed the Happy Bellies organic baby cereal. He has tried the oatmeal, the brown rice and the multi-grain cereals and has literally licked his bowls clean. Kale was actually over eating baby cereal until I introduced the Happy Bellies into his diet and now he cannot get enough of them. These cereals are one of the best foods to feed your child because they are the only organic cereals made with DHA and the only cereals with probiotic immune support. And they are a great source of iron (15% higher than other baby cereals). Plus I love the fact that containers that the cereal comes in are BPA free and have an easy snap lid. This made it extremely easy to pour the appropriate amount or cereal in the bowl and it helps keep it fresh, (unlike the other cereals that come in a cardboard container with a pull spout).

The Organic Puffs were the final product my son tasted for Happy Baby and they are fantastic finger food/snack for your child. They are a good source of iron, vitamin D, vitamin B, and calcium; they are not artificially flavored, and of course are made with organic whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The only down fall to this product is that the lid comes off very easy. Kale was eating the puffs in his high chair and I left the puffs on the table next to him, within 15 seconds of me not looking he had poured the entire contents of the container on to his tray and tried to shove most of them in his mouth. On the plus side that shows how delicious the puff flavors are. One of my favorite parts about the puffs are that they have the “greens” flavor, it a great way to sneak in those veggies. I also love the fact that they have less sugar and 40% more puffs than the other puff brands.

I definitely would recommend the Happy Baby food line to any and every parent. I love that this food line is geared towards the good nourishment of the children and are so eco-friendly.”

Andrea with daughter of 9 months:

“I like the product! My baby girl is going on 9 months and is still mostly doing puree with little chunks so we are able to use both the 6mo+ and 9mo+ foods from Happy Baby. I like that it is labeled according to age.

For the food itself, baby seems to like it. When i first smelled the salmon, it smelt like cat food and I didn’t think she would eat it but she at it. The microwave instructions are only 20-30 seconds. I love the wholesome ingredients.

I really love the 6 mo+ sweet potato and pear. it is nice and simple and I don’t always like the mixed foods even for older babies. For instance, i might not want grains in the fruit, but this combo is lovely.”

Kerisha with daughter of 11 months:

“Overall the packaging was wonderful and eco-friendly for packaged food. It was very easy to pop out each single serving of frozen meals and simple to use for preparation.

The snack packaging is BPA free, a big concern when feeding my daughter so a huge plus to be able to see that on their labels. I also like not having to warm up plastic containers in the microwave like other brands. The portion sizes are wonderful, small enough for child to finish and great to add more if needed as well, less waste for our money spent and less waste for our environment. Puffs snack containers are great to keep crayons or markers in after snacks are all gone, so no need to be headed towards landfill.”

HappyBaby Melts:

  • Great flavor and they just fall apart in baby’s mouth
  • Daughter loves these so much she already went through one and a half bags since Monday =0)

HappyBaby Puffs:

  • Much larger than other brands we have tried but melt wonderfully in mouth
  • Daughter loves these, even though the green puffs flavor to me tasted bland

Overall this tasting experience was a success with my daughter and myself. This brand of baby food is simply wonderful, easy to dispense, and love them going in the freezer. Being in the freezer to me means they are more fresh than the shelf life of jar food that has up to two years expiration date. All the products are certified organic and that’s great as well, getting rid of all those bad chemicals that go into growing and processing foods is not needed in our little ones bodies. This line of food I would approve as a mother to anyone with a new eater, just a great choice in baby food, finally!”

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