GroVia AIO One-Size Cloth Diaper Wins MACT Excellence Award

| December 17, 2010

Best AIO One-Size Cloth DiaperGroVia™ All-In-One is currently our favorite All-In-One (AIO) One-Size cloth diaper. We have tried many different AIO’s and GroVia’s AIO is outperforming in design and convenience. This diaper is not only Mom Approved, but also Dad, Babysitter and Grandma approved!

My husband wasn’t overly excited about going cloth, but he converted willingly after he tried GroVia’s AIO only once. He’s usually picking GroVia’s AIO’s from the stack of cloth diapers, whenever he has to change our son. My mom was quite impressed with these as well, the last cloth diaper she saw was in the seventies and it was like going from B&W TV to 3D – a revolution!  Our babysitter never tried AIO’s as well, so she was a bit hesitant at first, but now she’s actually telling all the other moms about ‘the perfect’ diaper.

GroVia™ AIO’s have a super absorbent, certified organic cotton inner with a soft layer of water resistant TPU outer. It comes with a snap in soaker for older babies or heavy wetters. Read below why GroVia Chose TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) over PUL (Polyurethane Laminate). Furthermore, the 100% organic cotton inner is peroxide bleached to ensure the cotton fibers retain their full absorbency.

Why GroVia AIO One-Size Deserves the MACT Excellence Award

I personally tested the GroVia’s on my son for about 2 months, washed them every 2 days and dried them in the dryer.  My son is 16 months old, extremely active and therefore I think a perfect test candidate. I used to cloth diaper my daughter 4 years ago and it was very easy for the first 9 month  (I used prefolds with diaper covers) but once she was walking/climbing/rolling over I had lots of messes and switched to 7th Generation disposable diapers.

As it is somewhat challenging to find a leak-free diaper for a toddler, I wanted to put the most-convenient, comfortable and leak-free cloth diapers to the test.  Here is why not only I, but also our panel of testers love GroVia’s AIO One-Site Cloth Diaper so much and why it deserves the MACT Excellence Award:

  • GroVia’s AIO One-Size is very trim (the trimmest our panel has tested), even with the snap in soaker.

  • It’s made of the softest, 100% natural, knit cotton that’s  extremely absorbent.

  • The fit is super snug. The stretchy side-snap closures provide an amazing waist fit. Our mamas never found any red marks, it’s very gentle against the skin.

  • The snaps are perfect, bigger than most other cloth diaper snaps, very durable and a breeze to use. We like that they never hooked on other diapers in the wash.

  • We had no diaper leaks (including naps and overnight).

  • They are well made and the quality is great!  One mama washed them at least 30 times already and they still look like new.

  • We just found out that, besides the 3 Uni colors, they now added 6 beautiful patterns.

  • This is an AIO that dries quickly.  This one always comes out of the dryer dry.

  • I am personally excited to have my little one use these at daycare, when it gets to potty training time.  I have tried to pull them on and off like trainers and because of the stretchy sides, it is very easy.

  • Economical, you can buy a 12 pack for 236.99 with Free Shipping, that’s only $19.75 per diaper.


My little boy usually soils his diaper after lunch, so I usually add GroVia’s BioLiner to his diaper right before we eat, so I can just dump  it with the poop into the toilet .  I rarely need to clean/spray poop off the diaper. I also use the BioLiner when we travel, it’s just more convenient to dispose of the poop that way.

About GroVia AIO One-Size

Each GroVia All In One Diaper comes with a GrowVia Snap In Soaker and fits babies from 10-35+ lbs. there are two absorbent layers that come with a Grovia AIO diaper. One is sewn in, and the other is optional. there are three sets of snaps on the rise to provide for small, medium, and large babies.


When GroVia products have been properly cared for, we will warranty them for up to one year from the date of purchase. The GroVia Guarantee includes: the snaps, lining, elastic and waterproofing.


GroVia Diapers are made in China. GroVia and its manufacturing facilities adhere to strict compliance agreements that allow for Fair Labor/Fair Wages.

Why TPU?

We asked the manufacturer why they chose TPU over PUL and here is their answer:

“TPU and PUL are comprised of two layers.  A knit polyester layer and a “plastic” layer that is affixed to the knit layer.  TPU and PUL essentially function the same way.  For our mill’s process we rely on mainly HEAT to affix those layers instead of chemical solvents.  Additionally, we do not used formaldehyde DWR (durable water repellent) on our TPU either.”


$ 21.95 per diaper or 12 pack for 236.99.

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  1. Thank you for the thorough review! I have been wanting to add a cloth diaper brand for my customers at Lullaby Organics and this MACT award sealed the deal for me that Grovia is the one to choose! :)