HABA Spelt Cushion Cotti Wins MACT Excellence Award

| March 15, 2011

Now, thanks to HABA, parents have a safe and natural plush toy that soothes a fussy, cranky, or sleepy baby and child!  The HABA Spelt Cushion Cotti is” a life-saver” one mama says.  This little stuffed sheep is loved by moms and their kids alike because the amazingly soft fleece plush toy: helps with an upset tummy, comforts a child that is trying to sleep, is a nurturing cuddle toy when child is sick or traveling, and more.  All of this possible because the spelt cushion insert can be removed and placed in the microwave, creating a warm snuggle.

This little spelt filled cuddle toy come from a new line of eco-friendly plush baby and toddler toys from HABA, and is made using Oeko-Tex and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified materials.  Not only is this little sheep soft, but soothing too.  Maybe the next best thing to mama’s embrace!  Our little testing babes love to take their Spelt Cushion Cotti with them wherever they go!

Toys come and go like flowers in the summer. This HABA Spelt Cushion Cotti should last day after day, year after year!

HABA Spelt Cushion Cotti Wins The MACT Excellence Award

Not all plush toys are treated equally.  In fact, many are treated with toxic chemicals that are dangerous to our babies.  But NOT this plush Cotti!  Each Pure Nature Cotti product is filled using an Oeko-Tex certified polyester. HABA chose this material over organic materials because stuffing made from organic materials cannot be washed and can get moldy and lumpy if introduced to water. The polyester fill in the Pure Nature Cotti will last for generations, and is still an eco-friendly alternative to other fills on the market.

Of the oh-so-many-reasons why HABA Spelt Cushion Cotti wins:

  • Free of Formaldehyde
  • Free of azo dyes
  • GOTS certified outer materials
  • The filling is tested to Oekotex
  • Free from harmful heavy metals (lead and chrome etc.)
  • Follows EN 71 – European Standard for Toy Safety
  • Exceeds standards for ASTM F 963 – Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety

What Moms Love About The HABA Spelt Cushion Cotti

You will see below that our mama testers rave in great detail about this product for many reasons.  Quoting our mama testers, we will highlight some of those reasons for you here:

  • Whether they have an upset tummy or problems sleeping this is a one-of-a-kind toy.
  • The spelt grain is a wheat alternative so if someone may have a wheat allergy they may be able to tolerate spelt.
  • It could also be used to soothe a cranky, teething baby or to comfort a small child after a fall.
  • Easy to warm up in microwave, a safer alternative to hot bottles.

Real Product Reviews On HABA Spelt Cushion Cotti

One mama tester raves about her baby’s new HABA Spelt Cushion Cotti:

“Just when I thought a cuddly could not get any better, Haba introduced their new ‘Pure Nature Cotti’ organic plush line. The Spelt Cushion Cotti is an adorable little lamb that has a hidden pocket with a spelt grain pillow inside. This special filled pillow can be heated or cooled to help children of any age. Whether they have an upset tummy or problems sleeping this is a one-of-a-kind toy. Our daughter of 20 months just ended a nasty cold and every night we warmed the spelt pillow and placed it inside the cuddly to comfort her at bedtime. This was a life saver for us!  We  chose to never go anywhere without it now.

The spelt grain is a wheat alternative so if someone may have a wheat allergy they may be able to tolerate spelt. I only mention this as I know many children have allergies and some parents may be skeptical of this grain pillow. The lambs outer material is soft white fleece, with the filling being Oko-Tex certified polyester. Haba chose this filling as an alternative to organic for how well it holds up when washed. Organic fillings often get moldy and lumpy when introduced to water and have difficulty drying. When something is Oko-Tex certified it goes through multiple tests to be certain its free of any kind of potentially harmful or irritating ingredients. Such as phthalates, formaldehyde, dyes and heavy metals. Phthalates are known carcinogens and could possibly cause reproductive abnormalities. I know I don’t want these chemicals near babies gentle body, cancer agents should never be involved into a child play. Other leading toys contain these harmful chemicals, but products like these are here to help us choose the safer way to play.

Haba sent this toy to my front door in an adorable recyclable box, that can also be used for any play a child’s imagination could come up with. So every part of this toy has a useful way to play. Whether it be for fun, to help ease pain, or comfort at night time, your child will always have this cuddly at hand. Haba recommends ages 0+ for this special toy, so perfect for any new baby gift and very reasonable priced!”

We asked her, “Would you recommend it for teething babies?”  And she replied, “Absolutely I think this would make a great object to ease teething pain. My daughter was not cutting any teeth and I noticed at night time she had this cuddled up towards her face.  It’s super soft fleece is comforting to her. The tiny adorable flower is attached very well, I tugged and tugged and it did not budge. So if I cannot get it off an infant or toddler are in the clear for not having to worry about a choking object on this sweet lamb. This cuddly being targeted for ages 0+ I think is suitable, everything is well made.  I think Haba planned this toy out very well.”

Another one of our conscious mamas says:

“My six month old baby boy really enjoys snuggling with his Haba Cotti Spelt Soother lamb. It is so soft and sweet, AND has a purpose!  It’s filled with a natural spelt-grain-bean-bag that you can warm up in the microwave. You place it back inside the lamb and it’s a fuzzy, warm, soothing friend for baby! What a great idea…I placed it next to my son as I slipped away after he fell asleep, to give him the warm-body-next-to-him comfort.

It could also be used to soothe a cranky, teething baby or to comfort a small child after a fall. The cotton covered bean bag is sewn separately and then tucked inside the lamb, so there’s no way the baby or even a small child could open the spelt bag.

I also love that the lamb is made out of high-quality Certified GOTS cotton because everything goes straight into my baby’s mouth nowadays. I can rest assured that he’s not sucking on pesticide and chemical filled material.

I like the fact that the Haba products are designed in Germany and made out of eco-friendly materials, but the toy itself is actually made in China. The packaging is great, recyclable cardboard, with no excess waste. It did not include directions on how long to heat the spelt bean bag-I even checked the Haba website-but I put it in for 45sec. and it seemed warm enough without being too hot. Another website I found had the Spelt Soother listed for $25.00, which I think is a fair price for an organic plush toy. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and I think it would be an awesome baby shower gift!”

This soft and safe Spelt Soothing Sheep Cotti retails for $28.00.  Find out where to get yours here.


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