Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbon Wins MACT Excellence AND Green Award

| April 14, 2011

Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbon is the first natural teething toy to win BOTH prestigious MACT Awards (Excellence and Green Awards) for being an eco-friendly and toxic free teething bonbon for babies!  One of our testing mamas raved, “It’s a handmade, simple and cute, one of a kind teether.” Yep, kind-of a mouthful, but when your teething, a mouthful of Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbon is just what the baby ordered!

Another testing mama from our panel stated, “At first I was skeptical thinking, “Can this little bit of knotted cotton really help us?”  But, this dream of a natural teething toy has proven to be the soothing remedy my baby once craved!”

Reasons Why Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbon Wins The MACT Excellence and Green Awards

Company Values:

Dress Me Up Organics is a small, independent toy company on the West coast of Canada in Victoria British Columbia.  They specialize in organic, sustainable products for babies and this bonbon is something special.  Dress Me Up Organics is owned by a husband and wife team, a couple with five children of their own.

The outer materials for the bonbon:

  • Sourced from the USA
  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified
  • ECOCERT certified

The stuffing materials for the bonbon is lambs wool:

  • from a small farm in Alberta, Canada, which is western Canada’s last remaining traditional woolen mill.
  • Toxins of concern to us that are usually used in sheep farming are all banned for use in Canada!  This wool is free of: lindane, DDT and dieldrin.
  • Mulesing is not a practice that is allowed in Canada either, so another win for the wool stuffing used in this unique teething bonbon!

Eco-friendly Packaging:

  • 80% recycled paper
  • Printed with vegetable-based dyes
  • Chlorine Free
  • Made with Windpower
  • Carbon Neutral

Another thing we respect: The bonbons are created in small batches to ensure loving quality.


“Both my 8 month old son and I love the Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbon.  I washed it before the first use by simply tossing it in the washing machine along with a regular load of laundry and into the dryer as well. It held up beautifully and is very well made. I then dipped the ends into purified water and froze the bonbon. The idea is to just dip the ends so the center remains warm and dry enough for baby’s hands. It was great to see the expression on my baby’s face the first time I gave it to him to play with and teeth on. He has 7 teeth already so he could really bite on it! He also liked sucking the cold water out of the fabric and since it’s made out of Certified Organic Cotton I don’t have to worry about pesticide residues.

Living in the tropics, I never realized that wool has so many benefits-the lanolin makes wool naturally anti-bacterial – mildew and mold won’t grow on it.  This is a HUGE benefit for us because EVERYTHING here grows mold, and a lot of his toys and baby gear have gotten mold spots!  It also retains familiar, comforting scents and – amazingly – it’s also naturally fire-resistant.

I really like the integrity and commitment to quality of Dress Me Up-both for our children and the Earth-producing natural, organic, handmade toys-while supporting local economies and businesses and reducing their shipping footprint.”


“My baby boy has recently started teething. I feel so sorry for my babies when their teeth are coming in and I’m always looking for new ways to soothe them. Unfortunately, many of the teething toys are made of unsafe, worrisome plastic with few other options. Also, they have recently banned those wonderful homeopathic teething tablets I relied on for my first baby.  Needless to say, I was so happy to discover this ‘teething bonbon’ from Dress Me Up Organics.

It’s easy, you just dip the ends in water and freeze the whole thing. My baby looked at me with the funniest look when I handed him the cold material, his first experience with that temperature. But, now my baby and I are both hooked on the bonbon. He gnaws on it like there is no tomorrow, and happily takes teething frustration out on the bonbon. And the frozen ends numb his gums, giving him visible relief.

The teething bonbon is a wonderful answer to teething relief. It also cleans his gums and new little teeth as he chews away on the soft, organic material. What a wonderful alternative to icky plastic teethers. I highly recommend this product for all mothers. It also feels so good to support a small, positive, eco-friendly company.”

Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbon

Order online at Dressmeuporganic.com

  • 1 Teething Bonbon: $15.95
  • 2 Teething Bonbon $26.95
  • 3 Teething Bonbons $36.95
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