NurturMe Organic Baby And Toddler Food Wins MACT Excellence Award

| July 1, 2011

NurturMe is truly a revolutionary offering for our babies!  This new concept in baby food is space-saving, light-weight, minimal eco-friendly packaging, tasty and nutritious  – ALL IN ONE!  Wow, what a great idea! Oh, but it gets even better.  ALL of the ingredients found in the NurturMe line of premium baby food are farmed organically in the USA!

Moms and dads, the time has come where we no longer have an excuse to leave our homes without nutritious food in our pockets for our babes, thanks to NurturMe.

I often forget to bring healthy baby food with me and always feel guilty to either let my little boy go hungry  until we get home or feed him some non-organic convenience food somewhere.  Let’s be honest, sometimes running errands can take longer than we expected and there is rarely a place to get a quick nutritious fix. I also don’t feel like carrying baby food jars around, or fresh produce, but with these new pouches I can leave a couple in my glove box or purse and have them with me always!

I have found NurturMe to be an incredibly convenient way to feed my baby an organic meal while we are eating out at a restaurant too.  We will be flying overseas soon too, and I am super grateful to have been introduced to this food now because I can’t think of a better way to travel on an airplane with healthy baby food than this!

Why Is NurturMe Baby Food Revolutionary?

NurturMe is a unique, new baby/toddler food – dried organic, gluten-free fruits and veggies – that parents can mix with water, formula, or even breast milk, and serve to their little ones the same way they would rice cereal.  This approach offers modern parents a more nutritious, convenient and earth-friendly alternative to baby foods than have currently been on the market!

Another great thing about NurturMe is that it’s perfect for all stages of eating from infants to toddlers, and beyond. Prepare it as a simple puree. Mix it with grains, yogurt, meats and other vegetables. Or, for your older children, you can use NurturMe as a way to boost the nutritional value of toddlers’ favorites like mac n’ cheese and pasta.

Our mama testers have been raving delightfully:

  • “This is a great alternative to jarred baby foods for busy moms and especially when you’re on the go.”
  • “My son loved these and I can’t wait to get more.”
  • “The dried baby food helps new moms to lighten their load.”
  • “My baby boy loved every mouthful.”

Why NurturMe Organic Baby Food Wins MACT Excellence Award

The company was founded by two friends in Austin, Texas. At first they tried drying food in their own kitchens, and quickly decided to hire drum and freeze drying experts, which they partner with, to this day, to create the baby food. They are all naturally grown, organic ingredients: very good for babies!

Packaging is eco-conscious:

  • Carton is made from wind energy, and is 100% recyclable.
  • All packaging uses eco-friendly ink and printing techniques.
  • Also, since NurturMe is so lightweight, there is less of a carbon footprint with regards to shipping of product.

More nutritious than other baby foods:

  • Higher nutritional value than baby food jars/squeeze pouches due to less exposure to heat = nutrients and phytochemicals are maintained.
  • All the ingredients are farmed in the USA!!!


Reviews From MACT Award Mama Testers On NurturMe Baby Food

One happy mama tester:

” We tested peas, squash, and apples and my baby boy loved each of them.

The baby food pouches make it much easier to pack your bag when you’re running out of the house; I can just throw them in my bag with my wallet and all, with no concern that they might crack and break open into my bag.

I trusted NurturMe enough to use their baby food as the first solid food for my baby. After researching their website, I was convinced that this is a good company with adequate concern for baby’s nutrition.  Also, organic vegetables, such as the peas and squash from NurturMe, seem like a great introductory food for baby: babies develop their taste for food early and feeding them vegetables right away will help them crave vegetables later.

NurturMe is so convenient!  I love that you can just make what you need, unlike jarred baby food that get’s spoiled quickly after opening, and save the rest for later.

I definitely recommend this product for mom’s looking for a way to lighten their load while still feeding their babies only the best.

Another mama tester raves:

“Of course we all would like to feed our babies fresh, homemade, organic foods all of the time, but as a busy mother of three-it’s just not always possible. I was happy to give the Nuturme dried organic baby foods a try and was delightfully surprised!

My son is now 9 months old, but still prefers completely blended, smooth food. I was really impressed with the variety of flavors and I love the names~ Scrumptious Squash, Crisp Apples, Plump Peas, and Hearty Sweet Potatoes. They come in individual little pouches and are simple to mix by adding water, breastmilk, or formula and customize to your babies stage. Ready to go for babies age 4 months and up.

They can also be added to other recipes to add nutrients to an older child’s food-which is a great suggestion since a lot of toddlers are picky eaters. Each pouch is equal to one 2.5oz jar, but with a fraction of the weight & waste.  The dried veggies preserve more phytochemicals and essential nutrients than vegetables that have sat on your grocers shelves and the naturally vibrant colors prove it.

I appreciate the fact that this is a product of the USA and by purchasing them we are supporting local farmers. The packaging is eco-conscious as well-recyclable cartons made with wind energy.  I would definitely recommend the Nuturme products to friends and busy families alike!”

NurturMe Ingredients Are Organic

Plump Peas: organic peas

Crisp Apples: organic apples

Scrumptious Squash: organic pumpkin, organic maltodextrin, lecithin

Hearty Sweet Potato: organic sweet potato, organic maltodextrin, organic corn starch, organic sunflower lecithin


Purchasing NurturMe Organic Baby and Toddler Food

You can conveniently purchase NurturMe’s 32 Pouches with all 4 flavors  on for only $32.44 (that’s $ 1.01 per pack). You can also subscribe on Amazon and get a pack for only $ 0.86 per pack!

Find out more about NurturMe Organic Baby food, and where you can get yours, at their website here.

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