How we started

Two mommas on a mission!   Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox launched Safbaby.com ‘Safe Alternatives For Baby And Child’ in August 2007.

With SAFbaby.com we wish to offer to parents what we could not personally find ourselves: An eye opening and encouraging blog about raising children in a toxic-free environment. The site is attracting over 125,000 page views per month and is growing rapidly.

We are strongly passionate about our work and are proud to be one of the leading and most respected ‘green’ parenting blogs in the the US.

Why we created the MACT (Mom approved, Baby & Child Tested) Awards

As two very informed and health conscious parents, we always knew that we couldn’t rely on government approved products being safe and non-toxic. Manufacturers are not required to list toxins like “fire retardants”, “formaldehyde”, PVC etc. on packaging – so many parents are not aware that these toxins are hiding in everyday children’s products. Parents of today wish to purchase safer and greener products but it is not always easy for them to find what’s truly safe and non-toxic.

Our frustrations about the lack of ‘truthful or true’ labeling lead to the idea of creating our own award seals: Excellence Award & Green Award.

Our MACT award seals let customers not only know that this product is truly a safer alternative to mainstream products, it also indicates that the product is truly exceptional!

Is the product performing as it should? Doesn’t shrink when we wash it? Do children love to play with it? Does it smell good/non-toxic? Is it truly practical, necessary and does it hold up well? Does the manufacturer disclose that there are any toxins in the product? All those are criteria of our evaluation process and will decide if a product truly wins our  MACT Award.

Other awards are not addressing ingredients/components at all – and that is EXACTLY what we are about. There is no other seal out there that does both: mom approved, children tested and ingredients safety checked. Since we can’t rely on FDA and other government agencies to make sure product is truly safe for our children, parents can rely on our seal for higher standards of product.

With this seal, products stand out above those of other competitors – parents will know that the ingredients/components are a safe alternative to the mainstream equivalent. It has been reviewed by moms and their children, and loved by both!

We do not test the product for safety, meaning if you buy a car seat, we don’t actually crash test it but rather look at the seat fabric (does it contain toxic dyes, lead, fire retardants etc.)! We look at all ingredients manufacturer is listing, request lab results if we see a need, and we look to manufacturers and government agency reports to guarantee that this product is safety tested and that the ingredients are truly what is stated on the packaging.

Who gets our MACT Award?

We only award companies who produce healthier and exceptional products for children. Our philosophy is “There is always a safer alternative!” and we’re constantly looking for these companies who go the extra mile to make it truly safer!

The MACT Excellence Seal awards products with very high standards when it comes to integrity, quality and truly being natural. Our MACT ‘Green Award’ seal will help eco-conscious parents find the best ‘green’ products “From Production to Packaging to Product” on the market.  Products that are good for our little ones and the environment. Our new ‘MACT Ethical & Environmentally Conscious Retailer Award’ honors online retailers who truly adhere to a standard of commitment to parents, children, and the environment.  These sites offer only the finest in eco-friendly and non-toxic living throughout their entire on-line store!

Parents nationwide equate these original seal with high quality products they can trust for their babies and children.