The MACT seals lets customers not only know that this product is a true safe alternative to other baby and child products which can contain many harmful toxins, it also indicates that the product is truly exceptional! With our seal products stand out above those of other competitors – parents will know that ingredients are not only safer but that it has been reviewed by moms and their children and loved by both!

Our highly successful is well known and respected in the ‘safe alternative’ parenting world and parents nationwide equate this original seal with high quality products they can trust for their babies and children.

“When reviewed our products, we were a brand new company and hadn’t had much exposure yet. We attribute much of our success to SAFbaby! I am very impressed with Samantha and Sandra’s commitment to finding the best toxic-free products for children. They are very thorough and ask important questions!” – Melanie Hurley, MACT Excellence Award Winner Piggy Paint Non-toxic Nail Polish”

Why Submitting Your Product

  • is a strong influence for parents when it comes time to buy products for their babies and children.
  • The reviews are a delight to read, so your product WILL be exposed wonderfully.
  • is highly respected.
  • Your review is accessible to thousands of PARENTS each day and night!
  • Photos or short videos (via Youtube) made by SafBaby are often used to put an extra personal touch to your product.
  • Your Product will get double the exposure: Detailed Product Review is published on and on
  • We send out a Press Release to announce each new Award Winners
  • Additional Promotion via Facebook, Twitter and Newsletter Subscribers

“Your reviews are much more detailed, the information provided more thorough, and they are written in a more knowledgable and authoritative manner.” – Helen Bernstein, Excellence Award Winner HappyBaby Baby And Toddler Foods

Qualifications to Earn’s Seal of Approval

Is the product truly a safe alternative? Is it free of harmful chemicals/toxins? How is it packaged? Is the product performing as it should, doesn’t shrink when washed, do children love to play with it, does it smell good? Also, is it truly practical, necessary and does it hold up well? All those are criteria of our evaluation process and will decide if a product truly win our “Mom Approved, Baby Tested” Seals of Approval.

The Excellent Award is based on the opinion of moms. We have a 2 year database of information, and our opinions and posts are sought out from hundreds of thousands of readers to date.

We test for safety to the best of our ability, as any parent would, but with our years of extensive research and study we are looking for more specifics. We look at ALL ingredients manufacturer is listing and we rely on manufacturers and government agency to guarantee that this product is safety tested that the ingredients are truly what is stated on the packaging. Our knowledge helps us discern our recommendations here.

We require companies who wish to submit their product(s) for one or both of our seals to fill out our Submission form(s).

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