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The MACT seals lets customers not only know that this product is a true safe alternative to other baby and child products which can contain many harmful toxins, it also indicates that the product is truly exceptional! With our seal products stand out above those of other competitors – parents will know that ingredients are not only safer but that it has been reviewed by moms and their children and loved by both!

Our highly successful blog is well known and respected in the ‘safe alternative’ parenting world and parents nationwide equate this original seal with high quality products they can trust for their babies and children.

Some Testimonials from MACT Award Winners:

“We submitted our organic baby food products to MACT Awards in hopes of receiving their endorsement and the use of their MACT Award. They conducted a thorough scrutiny of each product, including testing by mothers and their children. Extremely knowledgeable, she and her colleagues required detailed information from our Director of Operations about ingredients, processes and testing. Sandra and Samantha are known for their integrity and high standards. We value the award and proudly display it.”  Happy Baby Food

“ initially reviewed our products in 2008, and we immediately noticed a spike in on-line sales. Parents trust the reviews on & because they are so informative, extensive, and reliable. Receiving the MACT Award and being placed on’s Approved Vendor List still continues to drive traffic and sales to our site.” Piggy Paint

“The MACT award review was unique and very comprehensive.  I liked the angle of safety and parent approval and also the eco-friendly statements.  It was the most thorough and well-written review we’ve received.”  Tummy Tub

“Earth Mama Angel Baby strives to be the industry leader in safety and purity in products for pregnancy, baby, and the whole family,” said Melinda Olson, founder of Earth Mama Angel Baby.  “These MACT Awards are a wonderful acknowledgment, but more than that they offer further assurance to mamas who are looking for the safest products for their children. It’s a daunting task, finding truly pure, honestly labeled products, and we applaud anything that helps the consumer sift through to find the facts.” Earth Mama Angel Baby

“Thank you so much for taking the time to ask some very in depth questions about our baby wipes. We have been so impressed by the amount of research and care that you put into reviewing our baby wipes. You asked the tough questions that most people don’t think to ask. This is truly an honor! Thank you so very much.” – Bumboosa Bamboo Baby Wipes

Why Submitting Your Product

  1. MACT is the ONLY award currently on the market that awards products not only on their excellence but also based on their ingredients/components. Making sure they’re non-toxic and safe.
  2. If you look at MACT Award’s website you will clearly see that there is NO COMPARISON with any other award company.  This is simply the most enjoyable award winning site to read and the reviews are more detailed than any other award company on the planet!
  3. Parents these days are looking for products they can trust!  If your competitors have won an Award that boasts of their safety and performance integrity, then you are in trouble.
  4. MACT & SAFBABY are connected to resellers, reminding them which products they should be selling in their retail stores.
  5. MACT exposes your product to parents AND retailers in a limelight like no other!  If you product meets the criteria to truly win the award your brag rights will go out with loaded exposure, exposure, exposure.
  6. The most colorful and detailed reviews out there come from MACT.  Additionally, that review is posted on, announced to both of these respected company’s social networking organizations and a fabulous press release.
  7. Parents write into us DAILY asking us questions about safe alternative products.  We always recommend those we award FIRST!
  8. Real moms and children are putting these products to the test and the feedback that comes back from our testing panels help to serve your product in being the best it can be!
  9. Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful marketing tool and MACT Awards is connected with 2 websites where a large community of parents come weekly/biweekly for information about products they can trust.
  10. With our blog we have been educating and inspiring millions of parents for the past  3 1/2 years on creating a non-toxic and safe environment for babies and children. Parents looking for non-toxic, excellent and unique products know they can rely on MACT awards.

Visit now to see how the most prestigious, colorful and detailed award program is promoting the very best products available today!

“You have impacted my daily life by changing what toys my daughter plays with, what she drinks from, what she eats with. It reminds me of the importance of living healthy and avoiding toxins wherever possible.” Maria, a follower and Mom

Qualifications to Earn’s Seal of Approval

Is the product truly a safe alternative? Is it free of harmful chemicals/toxins? How is it packaged? Is the product performing as it should, doesn’t shrink when washed, do children love to play with it, does it smell good? Also, is it truly practical, necessary and does it hold up well? All those are criteria of our evaluation process and will decide if a product truly win our “Mom Approved, Baby Tested” Seals of Approval.

The Excellent Award is based on the opinion of moms. We have a 4 year database of information, and our opinions and posts are sought out from hundreds of thousands of readers to date.

We test for safety to the best of our ability, as any parent would, but with our years of extensive research and study we are looking for more specifics. We look at ALL ingredients manufacturer is listing and we rely on manufacturers and government agency to guarantee that this product is safety tested that the ingredients are truly what is stated on the packaging. Our knowledge helps us discern our recommendations here.

We require companies who wish to submit their product(s) for one or both of our seals to fill out our Submission form(s).

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