Why is MACT Award different

MACT is different from all other awards out there. What makes MACT awards the most prestigious?

We’re proud to say that we are the ONLY award seal currently on the market that awards products not only on their excellence but also based on their ingredients/components. Making sure they’re non-toxic and safe.

It all started with 2 moms (Sandra Blum & Samantha Fox), passionately looking into everything that came into their infant’s environments. Sandra and Samantha, turned their passion for healthy living into a valuable resource of trustworthy information for parents worldwide with the birth of SAFbaby.com over 3 years ago. This blog not only offers product reviews that highlight safe and non-toxic products that are a safe alternative to those readily found in big box stores, but years of interviews with professionals, holistic practitioners and experts in a wide variety of fields are put together in a format that even the busiest parent can learn from.

MACT award seals are based on quality AND safety

We’re the ONLY seal company who not only test the product but look a closer look at ingredients/all product components to make sure it is truly non-toxic. THIS is what truly makes MACT unique and valuable for the long-term health of our children.

Why ingredients are important too

Manufacturer have to disclose about all their ingredients they’re using for their product. Lab results are often looked into deeply to really make certain that all components that make up a product are satisfactory to our conscious Mama’s liking. Only the safest alternatives are awarded.

Why packaging shouldn’t be overlooked

We have done many articles on Safbaby.com about PVC and other harmful packaging materials. Not only can some packaging material be extremely dangerous to our environment (and our children’s future) but packaging materials can leach onto certain products and even absorb toxic chemicals into products our children sleep on, wear on their bodies and put in their mouths.

About Manufacturing Process and carbon footprints

MACT cares about the process as much as the finished product! It is about the journey after all, not just the final destination, isn’t it! So, MACT makes sure that the manufacturing processes are done so with a conscious intention behind them.

Real mom and kids tester

We test products with a close-knit team of moms and children with standards above any other seal available today! MACT submissions are put to the test for a good period of time (2-4 weeks), making sure that there is longevity and value to each awarded product. Our testing procedures are detailed and lengthy.

Detailed Product Review

No other award site puts more time and efforts into writing a product review. Yes, they may promote it to a 1000 places but if you look at the actual feed back, it’s quite an insignificant persuading tool. We not only feature the detailed product review with photos, testimonials, description incl. ingredients etc. on MACTawards.com, we also have the entire product review on our blog Safbaby.com that attracts thousand of readers daily and can be easily found because of great search engine strings.

Small and unbiased

You may not know this but lots of award programs are owned by major corporations. Well, not MACT. We’re two real moms with kids we love and devote our work to their well-being.